Justin M. Lewis

Justin M. Lewis

About Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis, sprang from the depths of Omaha, Nebraska and got as far as Lincoln before deciding this would be the place where they could do the most harm. Formative inspiration came from 80’s indie comics, Doctor Who, new wave sci-fi, cosmic horror and a whole lot of 90’s ambivalence.

Over the years they have attended many cons in the region and have won numerous awards for their artwork. Justin’s longest running projects include the webcomics Eye-Eighty and Outpost Zeta, their blog dedicated to B- and Z-grade film. Occasionally they and other miscreants put on a panel known as "Only the Finest Cinema" at various local conventions and meat packing plants. [Look for it at ConStellation!]

Horror and the uncanny dominate Justin’s aesthetic, with shadow and vivid color acting as antipodes between which dark things play. These compositions form worlds where rules of nature and narrative are twisted into strange gardens of the irrational, the monstrosities which inhabit them both alien and sympathetic. To descend into them is to dare to understand things which lie beyond our common experience.

--with thanks to Joshua Sterns

I am currently open for commission work, please use the form below to contact me with the details of your project.