Plastic Geisha + Mystery Cult

I have started posting project and sketches over at my Facebook page: Plastic Geisha. The first issue of my new comic Mystery Cult is completed and is being sent off to the publisher. I will have physical and digital copies available from here. Stay tuned!


I've moved (kinda)

I've have decided to upgrade from the old Blogger site and have opened up this new site on Squarespace. All the old content was migrated over, and hopefully everything is nice and clean and professional looking.

I have invited to Constellation 8 as their toastmaster and this seemed like a good time to reevaluate and put things in order. If you're attending, please say hello. I will probably be a nervous wreck, I'm not the best at pubic stuff. I have a few new pieces in the art show.

Hope to see you there!

A book!

Among the billionty projects I am working on, I am nearly finished with my first book. It's a novelette titled, The Skinless Sun. It's a story in the Bizarro tradition of fiction. Here's the opening few paragraphs in their raw form:

Tabby purposely cut himself shaving every morning.

It wasn’t out of sadness or some desire to harm himself. Well, maybe to harm himself a little, but not for the reason most people would think. Tabby wanted a mark on himself, a place that was open. In the small town he lived in, everyone was closed mouthed and insular. No one expressed their feelings. That’s why Tabby felt the unconscious need to open himself up. If Tabby had lived on one of the coasts, in a larger city, he might have been into ritual scarification, but he lived in the Midwest and no one had ever been told that such a thing existed. If he lived on the coast, he would probably be in place where people didn’t hold their feelings in so much and maybe wouldn’t have had the desire to slice himself open. This irony was lost on Tabby because he wasn’t aware of it in the first place.

The small town Tabby lived in was called Fleshlight, after a popular sex toy. That wasn’t the original name of the place, the town had voted to change its name in order to win a contest. As a result, everyone moving into Fleshlight was given a welcome basket of fruit and sex toys. There was a warehouse on the north end of town full of the things. The town had won a thirty year supply. Tabby had never used his. It sat still wrapped in the basket of fruit he had been given when he first moved in. The basket sat underneath a pile of old cat toys. the fruit was black and had liquefied. It collected in the bottom of the cellophane package. The Fleshlight looked like a whale breaching from a black sea.

Tabby’s live-in girlfriend was named Whiskers. He had met her at the Fleshlight Community College (FCC) where they both were attending a course on Biomechanical Engineering. They were lab partners. The first weeks of class they had used their practice Mini-Looms to make little things, simple protein chains and such. Before long, they had made a few replicas of chicken breasts and horsechops. Tabby had a hard time with the theory, but Whiskers helped him through it. For the final, they had to build a working B-Dog. He really needed to pass this class, he was told that he had to have a degree to get any kind of work in town. His money was running out, and he really didn’t want to move back with his parents in RedTube.
It's going through a few more passes before I send it to someone for a final edit. I will be posting the cover art and information on where to purchase soon!

Constellation Today!

I will be showing work at Constellation 7. If you're in the neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska drop by (and of course buy some art). If you take a look around the program book you might see another piece I worked on.

You should also check out a panel I do with some friends called Only the Finest Cinema, where we show clips and talk about weirdo movies we love. That's Saturday night at 10PM.

I designed the the slides. Here is an example:

Hope to see you there!


Well, in attempting to look to formats to put work and thoughts out there and interact with people, I haven't been doing the best job. I think I'm spread a little thin in trying to manage separate social media accounts for separate projects. I think my time and effort would be better spent on focusing things and not trying to do so much on multiple channels.

So look for more content here, I think  will be deleting my Twitter. I never particularity used it.

That said, Misericorida is going well, and I think I improved a lot of elements since the first creaky story. I've been doing some regular writing for a separate project. I will post some excerpts as soon as I have something polished to show off.


After a longer delay than I planned on, the next Misiricordia is coming  along.  I like using my warm-ups to mediate on other projects sometimes. The next part of Misiricordia  should be out some time in December.

Lightbox at the end of the tunnel

My friends bought me a lightbox. I gave it try. I like it. I actually takes me all the way back to the first few months of working on Eye-Eighty, when I would ink on vellum taped over my pencils.

I'm working away at the next Misericordia story titled, Suppression. I've had the core of the idea for some time, but I finally cracked how to get to that story through the characters. Entanglement was a huge lesson in a lot of things and I hope I am putting that to good use.